Such a Deal He Got, Swatch Says

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – The Swatch Group claim it accidentally sold a man a $220,000 Breguet watch for $40,000. When it discovered the mistake, it says the man grudgingly forked over another $90,000. Swatch says he still owes it another $90,000.

     The Swatch Group Les Boutiques claims in Clark County Court that Alfonso Arana of San Diego, entered its Tourbillion store on March 31 and zeroed in on a $220,000 Breguet watch.
     Swatch claims it kept its store open late while Arana shopped, and that he bought the watch just after midnight. It claims an “unknown computer and processing error” caused Arana’s American Express Black credit card to be charged only $20,000, twice, rather than the total price.
     Store officials say they noticed the error on April 15, and a salesman contacted Arana, who responded by complaining “that he was overcharged for the watch”.
     Arana told Swatch “that he would authorize American Express to honor the transaction for the remaining balance of the total purchase price,” but only authorized another $90,000, according to the complaint.
     Swatch claims he still owes it $89,719.22.
     Swatch claims Arana met its further demands for payment with “rude taunts and boasts” and said he “would not authorize full payment of the total purchase price unless a further discount was offered.”
     Swatch is represented by Joseph Ganley with Hutchison & Steffen.

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