Stuntwoman Burned Making ‘Face Off’

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A stuntwoman was “severely burned over multiple parts of her body” during production of reality TV game show “Face Off,” she claims in court.
     Tamiko Brownlee sued Mission Control Media, T-Minus Productions,, Terrance James White and Syfy Media Productions in Superior Court.
     Brownlee claims she was burned at a warehouse on June 21, 2012 while filming of the show, which pits horror and science fiction makeup artists against each other. A propane “popper” or “woofer,” exploded and consumed her in a fireball.
     “Plaintiff Tamiko Brownlee in her participation in said production of ‘Face-Off’ did not know, was not advised, did not consent, assume and/or agree to participate in any way, manner, and/or capacity in said television production with any defendant named herein where her person and/or body would be and/or run the risk of being burned,” the complaint states.
     Brownlee has performed stunts on the movies “John Carter,” “The Last Airbender and the upcoming “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” according to IMDb.
     She seeks damages for negligence, products liability and premises liability.
     She is represented by Vincent Bennett.

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