Student Loans

LOS ANGELES — The Federal Trade Commission unsealed a federal complaint accusing dozens of companies and people of taking illegal advance fees for deceptive promises of relief from debt relief.

Named as defendants are Alliance Document Preparation, dba EZ Doc Preps, dba Grads Aid, dba First Document Aid; SBS Capital Group Inc., dba Grads United Discharge; SBB Holdings LLC, dba EZ Doc Preps, dba Allied Doc Prep, dba Post Grad Services; First Student Aid LLC; United Legal Center LLC, dba Post Grad Aid, dba Alumni Aid Assistance, dba United Legal Discharge; United Legal Center Inc., dba United Legal Discharge; Elite Consulting Service LLC, fka First Grad Aid LLC, dba First Grad Aid; Grads Doc Prep LLC, dba Academic Aid Center, dba Academic Protection, dba Academy Doc Prep, dba Academic Discharge; Elite Doc Prep LLC, dba Premier Student Aid; Benjamin Naderi, aka Benjamin Pournaderi, aka Benjamin Brooks; Shawn Gabbaie, aka Shawn Goodman; Avinadav Rubeni, aka Avi Rubeni; Michael Ratliff; Ramiar Reuveni, aka Rami Reuveni; Farzan Azinkhan; Direct Consulting Service LLC (relief defendant); Capital Doc Prep, Inc. (relief defendant); and Thomas W. McNamara (receiver).

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