Strange Doings Alleged|in H.S. Nurse’s Office

PHOENIX (CN) – A high school nurse gave a student hand jobs in her office, where she repeatedly drew blood from him to “monitor his diabetes” – though the boy does not have diabetes, his mother claims in court.
     The mother, T.K., sued Glendale Union High School District, Moon Valley High School nurse Michelle Casey and school principal Craig Mussi, in Maricopa County Court.
     She claims that Casey lured her 15-year-old son to her school office repeatedly, to engage “in kissing and mutual masturbatory touching of their genitals.”
     From Aug. 13 until Dec. 7, 2012, “defendant Michelle Casey, a Moon Valley High School nurse, while on the school campus in person and through electronic communications committed various acts to groom T.J.K., a minor child, to gratify her inappropriate sexual attraction to him,” the mother claims in the lawsuit.
     “As part of this grooming process defendant Michelle Casey told T.J.K. that he needed to submit to blood draws on a regular basis in her school nurse office to monitor his diabetes condition. Defendant Michelle Casey provided this deceptive information to T.J.K. while she was on the Moon Valley High School campus.”
     However, the mom continues: “T.J.K. never has suffered from diabetes nor has defendant Casey or the GUHSD ever received parental consent or medical authorization to test, monitor, or treat T.J.K. for diabetes.
     “Because of T.J.K.’s youth and innocence in medical matters, defendant Casey successfully lured T.J.K. to the school nurse’s office many times by falsely representing to him that she needed to draw his blood to test his blood sugar levels. “Because of T.J.K.’s youth and innocence in medical matters, defendant Casey drew his blood on numerous occasions in the school nurse’s office under the false pretenses described herein.
     “Defendant Casey also used her authority as school nurse to summon T.J.K. from classes and from other school activities on numerous occasions to administer unauthorized and unnecessary blood tests.
     “By interrupting T.J.K.’s class attendance to perform needless and unauthorized blood tests, defendant Casey significantly and negatively affected T.J.K.’s academic progress at Moon Valley High School.
     “Defendant Casey used the time she spent with T.J.K. in her nurse’s office to groom him for sexual exploitation by engaging him in inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature.
     “Defendant Casey’s grooming process escalated to telephoning and to texting T.J.K. repeatedly about sexual matters and about her desire to engage in sexual acts with him. Defendant Casey used electronic means to communicate her sexual fantasies to T.J.K. and she described specific sexual acts she wanted to perform with T.J.K. Defendant Casey delivered these inappropriate communications to T.J.K. during school hours while she was on duty as the school nurse.
     “Defendant Casey committed sexual misconduct with T.J.K. in the school nurse’s office.”
     The mother claims that her son and Casey “engaged in kissing and mutual masturbatory touching of their genitals under their clothing in the school nurse’s office,” and that at least once Casey asked the boy “to leave the school campus with her in her vehicle to engage in sexual activity.”
     According to the lawsuit, Casey also “provided T.J.K. with graphic descriptions of oral sex and discussed with him how his penis size compared to her husband’s penis size.”
     The mother claims she “discovered the existence of defendant Casey’s sexual predation of her child T.J.K. on Dec. 7, 2012, when plaintiff T.K. found inappropriate text messages from defendant Casey on T.J.K.’s cell phone.”
     She says she notified Moon Valley principal Mussi and the police.
     Ten days later, on Dec. 17, 2012, “T.K. notified defendant Mussi and the administration of Moon Valley High School that T.J.K. did not suffer from diabetes. At that time, plaintiff T.K. expressly forbade any school personnel from testing or treating T.J.K. for that medical condition,” according to the complaint.
     Nonetheless, the mom continues: “In or about March, 2013, despite being provided with notice that T.J.K. did not need diabetes testing or treatment and with notice that T.K. did not authorize the same, unknown employees or agents of Moon Valley High School and the GUHSD drew T.J.K.’s blood at least two times without medical justification or legal consent.”
     The mother demands damages for battery, negligence and pain and suffering, her own and her son’s.
     They are represented by William Doyle.

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