Stockton Agrees With AG To Cut Greenhouse Gas

     STOCKTON (CN) – The City of Stockton has agreed with the California Attorney General to impose environmental requirements on all new construction, following a suit pursued intially by the Sierra Club.

     “We cannot reach our statewide greenhouse gas reduction targets without the cooperation of our largest and fastest growing cities” asserted Brown.
     Under the terms of the agreement, the city will stimulate downtown growth by reducing permit fees, building height requirements, and implementing subsidies. They have plans to build 18,000 new homes within the city limits, with 4,400 units to be built in downtown Stockton.
     With a denser population, Stockton will be more able to service residents with public transportation, and trips will be shorter.
     The city will also adopt green-building ordinances, requiring that new buildings be built with green materials, be energy-efficient, and conserve water.
     California cities have been under pressure to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions since 2006, when California passed a law committing it to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.
     California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an executive order, further requiring that the state reduce emissions to 80% of 1990 levels by 2050.
     California currently emits about 500 million metric tons of carbon equivalents per year. To achieve 1990 levels, the state must cut emissions by 10%.
     The Sierra Club sued Stockton in January, after Stockton sent out its report in December of last year. Brown intervened to negotiate the settlement.

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