States Cheat, General Tobacco Says

     LOUISVILLE (CN) – General Tobacco sued seven states and 11 tobacco companies, claiming the states are violating the 1998 tobacco master settlement agreement. It claims it’s had to pay more than $500 million, but some “favored tobacco companies” have had to pay the states “next to nothing,” giving them an unfair pricing advantage.

     VIBO Corp. dba General Tobacco is represented in Federal Court by John Bush with Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald.
     It sued the attorneys general of Kentucky, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado and Connecticut, and these competitors: Lorillard Tobacco Co., Liggett Group LLC, Vector Tobacco Inc., Commonwealth Brands Inc., Imperial Tobacco Limited/ITL (USA) Limited, Japan Tobacco International USA Inc., King Maker Marketing, Lane Limited, Lignum-2 Inc., P.T. Djarum, et al.

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