State Supreme Court|Stays Dog’s Execution

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – The City of Henderson cannot euthanize a dog that killed a child, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled.
     The high court granted a stay to the Lexus Project, which wants to put Onion, a mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback, in a sanctuary in Yoder, Colo., near Denver.
     Clark County Judge Joanna Kishner ruled in May that the animal rights group lacked ownership rights to the dog and couldn’t take him from the city.
     But the court bannedthe city from taking any action until it decides what to do with the dog.
     The 120-lb., 6-year-old Onion fatally attacked Jeremiah Eskew-Skahan during the boy’s first birthday party in April, after the boy used the dog’s fur to pull himself up. It was also the dog’s birthday.
     The boy’s family turned the dog over to Henderson animal control officers and asked that it be destroyed. The city called for the dog to be euthanized. But animal rights activists objected.
     Lexus has offered to pay for the dog’s placement and care at the sanctuary.

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