State Says Insurance ‘Products’ Are Bogus

     BOSTON (CN) – The National Alliance of Associations and Professional Benefit Consultants, both of Turnersville, N.J., and the three men who run them defrauded consumers by selling sham insurance products, the Massachusetts attorney general says in Suffolk County Court. The state also sued Thomas Sullivan, Christopher Ashiotes, and James Doyle.

     “The Commonwealth alleges that defendants have illegally and deceptively marketed and sold a sham health insurance product that was not more than a purported association membership with a limited plan for discounts on certain medical services,” according to the complaint.
     “National Alliance membership benefits do not include health insurance or any form of comprehensive health or medical insurance coverage. … Defendants misrepresented to Massachusetts consumers that they would received or have access to health insurance or some other form of comprehensive health or medical coverage by purchasing National Alliance memberships.”

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