State Busts Alleged Internet Scam

     SEATTLE (CN) – SubscriberBASE defrauds the public via the Internet by offering “free” electronic devices, collecting customers’ personal information, allegedly “to provide shipping details,” then selling the personal information and demanding money for the “free” stuff, the State of Washington claims in King County Court.

     To “qualify” for the “free” stuff, defendant’s suckers must complete a “survey” that requires them to pay $12.95 a month for voice mail service, the state claims.
     “Defendants collect consumers’ personal information in order to use or sell the information for marketing or other commercial purposes,” the state says. “The information becomes part of a database of more than 32 million consumers that is rented by Defendants and characterized in their advertising to potential purchasers as a list of ‘ideal candidates for promotional offers, trial offers, and subscriptions.’ The list is used to send unsolicited email that markets the products and services of those who lease the list from Defendants.”
     Also, the state says, SubscriberBASE directs its victims to “premium” Web pages that charge higher and higher amounts or demands more spending before the suckers can get the “free” stuff – such as computers, TVs or digital cameras – that lured them in.
     SubscriberBASE is based in Columbia, S.C. It sends its deceptive messages through email and on the Internet, the state says. It demands restitution, penalties and costs.

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