State Blocks Development as Polluting

     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – California says Pleasanton’s revised General Plan, allowing 14.6 million new square feet of business and housing, will cause too much pollution. It wants the plan set aside and done over.

     In his complaint in Alameda County Court, Attorney General Gerry Brown says the city’s proposed additional 14.6 million square feet of retail, restaurant, office and housing units “will result in emissions of greenhouse gases and conventional air pollutants” and “a 46 percent increase in vehicle miles traveled and a substantial increase in traffic and transportation-related emissions.”
     Brown says the city used “outdated emissions data” in its environmental impact report, and “has not described all environmental impacts of the project, nor considered feasible mitigation for those impacts or an adequate range of alternatives to the project.”
     Brown wants the developments put on hold until Pleasanton prepares new studies that comply with the California Environmental Quality Act, and prepares a new revision of its General Plan.

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