St. Paul Compounds Scam Aimed|At The Deaf, Three People Say

     ST. PAUL (CN) – In two lawsuits, deaf people say that after they were victimized in an Internet scam aimed at the deaf, Ramsey County and the City of St. Paul wrongfully imprisoned them and held them in jail, in part because the city and county did not provide interpreters for the deaf.

     One plaintiff says she took a check provided by the scamsters to a bank to ask if it was legitimate, and because the bank could not understand her, St. Paul police arrested and jailed her. Her husband, also deaf, is a co-plaintiff. The plaintiff in the second case says he was jailed for two days in a similar screw-up, also allegedly stemming from a scam on the deaf.
     Plaintiffs demands damages for negligence and discrimination, and corrective action. They are represented in Ramsey County Court by Roderick MacPherson III with the Minnesota Disability Law Center of Minneapolis.

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