Sports Columnist Declares War on Vecsey

     MANHATTAN (CN) – ESPN columnist Chris Sheridan claims New York Post columnist Peter Vecsey defamed him in a column about the Carmelo Anthony trade. Sheridan claims Vecsey’s riposte to his own column “impugn(ed) Chris Sheridan’s veracity and competency as a journalist.”

     Sheridan’s piece, which he calls the “Accurate Article,” was posted on Dec. 12, 2010.
     Vecsey’s piece, the so-called “Libelous Article,” appeared two days later.
     The rhubarb stems from Sheridan’s opinion that if the Nuggets traded Anthony, he would agree to go only to the Knicks.
     Vecsey disagreed, in his column, “Knicks Don’t Have Best Shot at ‘Melo’.”
     “Shirking any semblance of responsible journalism, and passing off vicious and malicious lies as statements of fact, Mr. Vecsey – wracked by his own historic towards Mr. Sheridan – fabricated an entirely false and sustained tirade against Mr. Sheridan,” Vecsey says in his 10-page complaint in New York County Court.
     It continues: “Among other things, as set forth in more detail infra, Mr. Vecsey called Mr. Sheridan’s accurate reporting, inter alia, a ‘fairy tale’ based upon ‘fountains of misinformation’ and ‘make-believe’ that was ‘such a fake [Mr. Sheridan] needs to be called out.'” (Brackets in complaint.)
     Sheridan points out that Carmelo Anthony was indeed traded to the Knicks, despite Vecsey’s calumnious, hyperbolic, rebarbative, “inaccurate, false, libelous and flagrantly antagonistic statements,” which included, “Sheer nonsense! Every last word.” (First three adjectives, before the quote, courtesy of Courthouse News.)
     Sheridan demands punitive damages from Vecsey and NYP Holdings, alleging Libel Per Se.
     ESPN is not a party to this complaint.
     Sheridan is represented by Mark Warren Moody.

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