Speed Dater Says TV Show Humiliated Him

     CHICAGO (CN) – A businessman sued Bravo Network and NBC, claiming they showed an “unflattering portrayal” of him at a speed dating night in “Real Housewives of Atlanta” after promising to edit him out.

     George Page, CEO of an artists’ social networking venture GotADemo, claims that a review of the show said Bravo made him look like a “big ole dork,” and he has been ridiculed and mocked ever since.
     In his complaint in Cook County Court, Page says Bravo and NBC filmed him during a speed dating session with housewife Sheree Whitfield. He says the defendants asked him to sign a document giving consent to be filmed, but he did not sign it, and he did not consent to be filmed.
     Nonetheless, he says, they used footage of him at the speed dating event at the Mood Lounge in Atlanta, in an episode called “Mummies, Mommies, and Baby Mommas.” The show was broadcast in August.
     Page says the segment shows him telling Whitfield a “corny joke” which is drowned out by audio effects, and flashes of Whitfield appearing bored and rolling her eyes.
     Page says that the clip puts him in an “unflattering light,” and that the networks had falsely assured him that “any footage of him would not be aired.”
     Page says he has suffered from “embarrassment and humiliation,” and that friends, family, co-workers and strangers have made fun of him since the episode was broadcast. He seeks punitive damages for negligent infliction of emotional stress and violations of the Rights of Publicity Act.
     He represented by Arnold Toole.

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