Special Ed Teacher Called an Abuser

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A special ed teacher sprayed a chemical on a student’s penis to make it erect, had sex with him on campus, and threatened the boy with a gun to keep quiet, the student claims in court.
     John Doe, who was 16 when the alleged assaults began, sued Mt. Diablo Unified School District, of Concord, on claims of negligence, breach of mandatory duty, and civil rights violations.
     Doe, who is autistic and mentally disabled, attended Mt. Diablo High School in the 2011-2012 school year and was in Kevin Johnson’s special education class. Throughout the year, Johnson “sexually assaulted John on at least 10 occasions, including acts of forced sodomy and oral sex,” the complaint states.
     Johnson is not named as a defendant.
     Doe claims the assaults occurred on campus after he was dropped off early by the bus. Johnson abused him before Doe’s teacher aide arrived at school, according to the lawsuit.
     “Kevin Johnson threatened John with a gun to keep quiet about the abuse. He also showed John pornography and sprayed a chemical substance on John’s penis to make it erect,” the complaint states.
     School officials were aware that Johnson posed a risk of sexual abuse to students, as it had previously been reported to them that Johnson “had engaged in sexual misconduct with a student whom he drove home alone from school,” the complaint states.
     Both the vice principal, Julie Parks, and the principal, Kate McClatchy, were aware of the report, but failed to properly investigate the matter, the complaint states. Neither is named as a defendant.
     Doe’s grandmother raised concerns about Johnson’s conduct throughout the school year, including an incident in which Johnson took students alone in his car on field trips and another time when Johnson gave a student a bracelet with a romantic inscription, the complaint states.
     In response, Sue Pardini, an administrator in the school services department with duties pertaining to the welfare of special education students, “dismissively made statements to the effect that ‘he is only going after the girls,’ and that ‘since he [John Doe] had an aide, he was safe,'” the complaint states.
     Doe seeks special damages.
     He is represented by Mary Alexander.
     The school district did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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