Spam King Looking at Three Years in the Big House

      SAN JOSE (CN) – The “Spam King” faces more than three years in prison for fraud and criminal contempt after admitting he blew off a federal judge’s orders and sent 27 million spam messages to 550,000 Facebook users.
     Two times in March 2009 a federal judge ordered Sanford Wallace, 47, of Las Vegas, to stay away from Facebook’s computer network. But Wallace admitted on Monday that he violated the order in April that year, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.
     A grand jury charged Wallace in July 2011 with six counts of fraud, for sending 550,000 spam messages to Facebook users before the judge’s orders, three counts of intentional damages to a protected computer, and two counts of criminal contempt.
     Wallace pleaded guilty Monday to one count of fraud and one count of criminal contempt. He is free on bond.
     He faces up to three years for fraud at his Dec. 7 sentencing hearing. The contempt charge is punishable by determination of the court.

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