Spain to Consult EU Court on Extradition Rules

By Aritz Parra

NEUMUENSTER, Germany (AP) — Spain’s Supreme Court says the magistrate investigating Catalan separatists’ attempt to break away from Spain is considering consulting the European Court of Justice on the procedures for extradition among European Union member states.

The decision follows Carles Puigdemont’s release on bail in Germany after a state court’s ruled against extraditing the former Catalan president to be judged for rebellion, a charge sought by the Spanish Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena. The court upheld an embezzlement charge for Puigdemont.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman said Llarena was considering consultations to the highest European court on the scope of the bloc’s arrest warrant, a tool that is aimed at removing political red tape in extradition cases among EU members.

The spokeswoman, who spoke anonymously according to court rules, declined to elaborate but said that obtaining clarity on Puigdemont’s extradition process was the goal of the consultations.

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