Sorority Sisters Lose Discrimination Claim

     CHICAGO (CN) – Three female college students cannot claim racial discrimination for getting suspended for hazing a fellow black sorority sister, the 7th Circuit ruled.

     The Southern Illinois University students were suspended for paddling a pledge and forcing her to dive knee-first into rice.
     The sorority sisters argued that their suspensions, which ranged from two to three years, were more severe than they would have been if they were white.
     Judge Posner could not find a large body of applicable cases, but he did find a flaw in the sisters’ suing because they were suspended from college.
     “They premise their claim on the bald assertion that any student who is suspended from college has suffered a deprivation of constitutional property,” Posner wrote.
     By denying their need to establish an entitlement – an enforceable right – the students “have denied themselves out of court,” Posner concluded.

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