Sonics Want Sherman Alexie Prevented|From Testifying About NBA Team’s Move

      SEATTLE (CN) – The Seattle Supersonics want to prevent author Sherman Alexie and radio host Mitch Levy from testifying at a trial challenging the NBA team’s move to Oklahoma City, claiming the men have no relevant knowledge and will only “fuel the growing media circus.” The plaintiff City of Seattle wants National Book Award-winner Alexie to testify on behalf of season ticket-holders.

     The Sonics’ motion claims that Alexie would “probably enjoy testifying,” and quotes from his “profanity-laced” writings, including this passage from his “Sonics Death Watch” column: “Triple Jesus, I am a leftist bastard who hopes that some wealthy right-wing local bastards buy the Sonics from those white right-wing Oklahoma bastards and keep the team in Seattle.” The Sonics’ motion claims that this excerpt demonstrates why Alexie’s testimony should be excluded.
     Alexie, author of “The Toughest Indian in the World,” “Indian Killer,” “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight In Heaven” and other books, is one of the most successful Native American authors in U.S. history.
     The Sonics’ motion describes Levy, a local radio personality, as an “entertainer” who hosts an annual contest to pick the most attractive woman. Plaintiffs want him to testify about the Sonics’ fan base. But the team claims Levy “has not performed any admissible survey of community interest in the Sonics. His knowledge, if any, of fan interest will presumably be based on input from his demographic attracted to his particular brand of entertainment. That adds nothing to this case.”
     The motion was filed in Federal Court by Paul Taylor with Byrnes & Keller. The trial is scheduled to begin June 16.

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