Son Has Right|To Keep Dad Away

     DETROIT (CN) – A son who had turned 18 had the right to keep his father away with a personal protection order, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled.

     The father, Mark Hayford, argued that the order improperly modified custody of his son. The appeals judges responded that the Child Custody Act does not cover a child who has turned 18, even when he is still in high school.
     The student, Dirk Hayford, “made it clear that he did not wish further contact” with his father, the court ruled. Despite the fact that the son was facing surgery for a potentially cancerous tumor, his father would not leave him alone.
     He appeared at school and at the hospital, called the son’s home and cell phones, and even placed personal information in a newspaper ad.
     The court did not consider the case moot because if the father were convicted of violating the order, it would be considered a domestic violence charge. He could then lose his license to sell guns.

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