Software Firm Sues N. Carolina Courts

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A software developer says North Carolina state courts abused a software license to create a “CourtFlow” program, used in every North Carolina state courthouse that streamlines paper trails.

     Multimedia Abacus Corp. dba Cerenade says it entered into a contract with the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts in April 2003 for use of its software, “Cerenade Toolbox.”
     The defendants then created CourtFlow, a program used in all of North Carolina’s superior courts, Cerenade claims in L.A. in Superior Court.
     Cerenade says North Carolina was licensed to develop and deploy the software at only one site.
     North Carolina officials sent Cerenade an email in December 2008, saying the state would not pay any additional licensing fees, according to the complaint.
     Multimedia Abacus seeks at least $250,000 in lost revenue for the unauthorized use of its software.
     It is represented by Michael Roofian.

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