Sodexho Stole Union Dues, Class Claims

     CLAYTON, Mo. – Sodexho deducted union dues from employees and pocketed the money, workers claim in a class action filed in St. Louis County Court.

     Named plaintiffs David and Edward Muehlheausler say that since 2003 Sodexho has deducted $93 a month – 2 percent of their earnings – for union dues.
     But they say Sodexho never gave the money to a union, is not a union-approved contractor, threatened to fire David Muehlheausler if he did not make the forced, and phony, payments of “union dues,” and, they say, Sodexho does not pay employees the prevailing wage.
     The class consists of all Sodexho employees since 2003 who paid union dues and were not paid the prevailing wage. Represented by Erich Vieth, the class demands damages and an injunction.

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