Socialite Charged With Child Pornography

     DALLAS (CN) – Federal prosecutors accuse Dallas-area socialite Erika Susan Perdue of amassing a child pornography collection so large she could not keep track of its contents.
     Perdue, 41, of University Park, was indicted on two counts of transporting and shipping child pornography, one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography.
     Federal agents raided her mansion in April after an FBI agent downloaded files from her computer over a peer-to-peer file sharing program in January.
     Using the handle Classybitch, Perdue shared 287 files, most of which depicted child pornography, according to an affidavit by FBI Special Agent Deborah Michaels.
     Several of the images and videos allegedly depict girls engaging in sex with adults.
     When questioned, Perdue admitted that she had possessed and shared the child pornography since 1999, according to the affidavit.
     “She confided that because she has collected so much child pornography, that she could not remember if she had transported the specific images and videos to law enforcement on those dates,” Agent Michaels said in the affidavit. “She also confessed that she used file-sharing child pornography everyday, including the day prior.”
     Perdue admitted she traded in child pornography while her husband, a Dallas attorney, was away at work and said she was aware that others were downloading files that she shared, according to court documents.
     Her husband is not named in the complaint, nor is he accused of any involvement.
     The pornography is explicit and vile, according to the indictment.
     For instance, File Name “! 2yo + mom+dadf..-4.wmv” contains the Description: “A video file depicting a female placing her tongue on the genitals of a minor nude female child. Also depicted is a male penetrating the genitals of the same minor female child,” according to the indictment. Perdue is accused of transmitting this video to another software user outside of Texas.

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