Snapple Drinks Aren’t All Natural, Class Claims

     SACRAMENTO (CN) – Snapple defrauds consumers by selling drinks, advertised as “all natural,” though they contain high-fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients, according to a class action in Federal Court.

     Snapple also sells drinks that don’t contain the ingredients listed on their labels, the plaintiffs claim. They say Snapple’s Acai Blackberry Drink contains neither blackberries nor acai berries, though the label displays pictures of both berries.
     “In truth, the only juice contained in this product is pear juice, according to the fine print on the back of the container,” the lawsuit states.
     Plaintiffs say similar mislabeling is common among Snapple drinks.
     They allege false advertising, misrepresentation, and unfair and fraudulent business practices. Filing counsel is G. Richard Baker with Baker Law.

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