Smuggler Learns Not to Lie to a Judge

SAN DIEGO (CN) – Lying about his military record did no good to an alien smuggler who was sentenced to 2½ years in federal prison.
     Scotty Kamakahohie White told the judge at his April 17 sentencing hearing that he had served 6 years in the Army, including three tours of duty in Iraq, and that he was honorably discharged as a sergeant.
     U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Miller told White that his service record “be a major consideration in his favor at sentencing,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.
     The government objected, and was granted a 6-week continuance to investigate White’s military record.
     Turns out White served less than 10 months, went AWOL, never set foot in Iraq or in a war zone, and was “kicked out of the Army” as a private, the U.S. attorney said.
     White admitted all that at his June 2 sentencing, and dropped his objection to his 30-month sentence.
     Scott, 30, of Parker, Ariz., could have been sentenced to 10 years.

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