Small Emitters Let Out of|Green House Gas Limits

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Environmental Protection Agency is excluding most small source green house gas emitters from rules limiting emissions from stationary sources under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration program of the Clean Air Act.

     The agency says the current limits, effective next January, would put an undue burden on small emitters, which the Prevention of Significant Deterioration section of the act was not intended to regulate.
      Instead, the agency will phase-in the requirements, starting with the largest green house gas emitters. The agency plans to make a decision about the small sources not covered by this rule by April 30, 2016.
     The Prevention of Significant Deterioration program was intended for new and existing major sources of greenhouse gases and requires the installation of the “best available control technology” where the source is in an area otherwise in compliance with National Ambient Air Quality Standards.
     The program limits how much of an increase in emissions an aging emitter will be allowed before the source must cease operations.
     The limitations initially were for all stationary sources emitting 100 or 250 pounds per year.
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