‘Slamball’ Promoter Demands $300,000

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – An Italian company claims the creator of “Slamball” stiffed it after it spent more than $300,000 promoting the sport. Slamball is a sort of combination of hockey and basketball, played on shock-absorbing floors, with trampolines that help players make super slam dunks.

     Plaintiffs Andrea Fabbri and his company WPC SRL says they spent more than $300,000 promoting the sport and defendants Mike Tollin and Tollin/Robbins Productions, of Toluca Lake, never paid it back.
     Slamball is said to be growing in popularity across Europe.
     Fabbri says he met Tollin in 2004 and they made an oral agreement which began with WPC promoting Slamball at the 17th annual Festival del Fitness di Rimini in Italy.
     After WPC spent more than $300,000, Fabbri says, he learned that Tollin/Robbins had granted worldwide broadcast and ancillary rights for Slamball to another company, in breach of contract.
     Fabbri says his agreement provided that WPC would get 70 percent of Slamball revenue for the first year, decreasing by 5 percent a year for each of the 5 years of the original agreement. By the time the agreement came up for renewal, the revenue would be spit down the middle.
     WPC says it has not received a dime from its investment even though the sport has proved to be a money maker.
     Fabbri and WPC seek punitive damages for fraud, breach of faith, and breach of contract. They are represented in Superior Court by Richard Davis.

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