Shot to Death After a Police Chase

ST. LOUIS (CN) – St. Louis pumped more than 20 bullets into a man as he tried to surrender after a high-speed chase, the late man’s family claims in court.
     Survivors of the late Cary Ball Jr. sued the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners and three John Doe officers in City Court.
     Ball’s mother, father and child claim police violated their own policy on high-speed chases and used excessive force.
     Police tried to pull over Ball on April 24, for a misdemeanor traffic violation, the complaint states. Ball drove on, starting a high speed pursuit that ended when he crashed into another vehicle several blocks away.
     “Decedent, though injured, climbed out of his vehicle and ran down the street with the officers close behind,” the complaint states.
     “The officers, with their weapons drawn, chased plaintiff down 9th Street and he turned on Carr Street and continued running.
     “While running down Carr Street, with their weapons drawn, defendant officers yelled for the decedent to stop, which he did.
     “Decedent stopped and surrendered with his hands in the air; however, the officers began shooting the plaintiff at close range.
     “The decedent fell to the ground and the two officers stood over him and continued firing shots ultimately shooting the plaintiff over 20 times until he was dead.”
     Ball’s family claims police should not have chased his car for a misdemeanor traffic offense.
     “Defendants violated the St. Louis Police Department and St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners Vehicle Pursuit Policy Order 97-S-1 (0), ‘Vehicle pursuits may be initiated when the officer(s) has reason to believe that the suspect has committed a felony involving the use of deadly force and a delay in apprehending the suspect(s) will pose a danger to other people,” the complaint states.
     They seek damages for wrongful death, negligence, battery and excessive force. They are represented by Freeman R. Bosley Jr. of Bosley and Associates.

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