Shot in the Back by a Cop, Mother Says

     CHICAGO (CN) – A mother claims in court that Chicago police killed her 15-year-old son by shooting him in the back.
     Lois Pickett sued Chicago and Chicago police Officers Joseph Mark and Roxane Uchman in Federal Court.
     “On or about May 25, 2011, plaintiff’s 15-year-old son, Tatioun Williams, was with a friend on the 7000 block of South Criegler Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago,” Pickett says in the complaint.
     “Defendant police officers arrived at the location to investigate a reported robbery.
     “A witness approached the defendant officers and pointed out Tatioun and his friend.
     “Tatioun and his friend had their backs turned to the defendant officers and were moving in the opposite direction as the defendant officers.
     “Defendant Officer Uchman discharged her weapon as Tatioun had his back to her and struck him in the upper back, piercing his heart.
     “Tatioun died in the ambulance ride to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. His diagnosis was a gunshot wound to the heart.
     “Defendant officers used excessive force when attempting to stop Tatioun Williams. He was moving away from the defendant officers when he was struck. Despite the various better options for the police to take a suspect into custody, including chasing the boy or even a non-fatal shooting, the defendant officers opted to fire the weapon directly in the back of Tatioun with such precision that the bullet went directly through the heart of the 15-year-old boy.”
     Pickett seeks damages for wrongful death, emotional distress, excessive force, violation of due process, and conspiracy.
     She is represented by Kellie Walters with Walters & O’Brien.

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