Sheriff’s Office Called Cesspool of Sex & Racism

(CN) – Dakota County Sheriff James Wagner “engaged in multiple sexual relationships” with “subordinate women through his time as sheriff,” and his Chief Deputy Rodney Herron “produced children with various women” who work for the county and bragged of his racist policies, creating “a cesspool (in) which superiors took advantage of their position of power for their own sexual gratification,” a former jailer claims in Omaha Federal Court.

     Toni Duncan claims that Herron bragged that “no niggers, spicks or Native Americans would ever work for him,” injecting “race as well as sex to this toxic environment.” She claims the county was “put on notice” about all of this, but took no steps to correct it.
     Duncan seeks punitive damages for harassment, distress, civil rights violations and constructive firing. She is represented by Brian Buckmeier of Sioux City, Iowa.

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