Shareholder Class Actions

     Shareholders claims Covad Communications Group and its directors cheated them by capping Covad’s stock price.
 Also sued in Santa Clara County Court, Calif., are Charles Hoffman, Charles McMinn, L. Dale Crandall, Larry Irving, Richard Jalkut, Diana Leonard, Dan Lynch, Robert Neumeister Jr.
     Shareholders claim directors of Inland Western Retail Real Estate Trust are granting themselves $375 million in shares, and failing to disclose it in a misleading proxy statement. Also sued in Chicago Federal Court are Inland Western Retail Real Estate Corp., The Inland Group Inc., Inland Western Retail Real Estate Advisory Services Inc., Inland Southwest Management Corp., Inland Northwest Management Corp., Inland Western Management Corp., Robert Parks, Brenda Gujral, Frank Catalano, Kenneth Beard, Paul Gauvreau, Gerald Gorski, Barbara Murphy, Steven Grimes, Daniel Goodwin, Robert Baum, G. Cosenza, and William Blair & Co. LLC.
     Shareholders claim iGov and its directors manipulated share price so they could grant themselves stock options at an artificially low price and then make a killing. Also sued in Delaware Chancery Court are Michael Tyrrell, Patrick Neven, Walter Hupalo, and MA Federal Inc.

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