Shareholder Class Actions

     Shareholders claim directors of NPS Pharmaceuticals failed to disclose toxicity problems of the drug Preos and the small market for the drug Gattex.
Also sued in Salt Lake Federal Court are Peter G. Tombros, N. Anthony Coles, Michael W. Bonney, Santo J. Costa, James G. Groninger, Hunter Jackson, Joseph “Skip” Klein III, Donald E. Kuhla, Rachel R. Selisker, Calvin R. Stiller, Morgan R. Brown, Juergen Lasowski, Gerard J. Michel, Edward F. Nemeth, Alan M. Rauch, Alan L. Mueller, David L. Clark, Thomas B. Marriott, James U. Jensen, Robert K. Merrell, John Evans, and Thomas N. Parks.
     Shareholders claim WSB Financial Group issued false and misleading statements in its registration statement and prospectus. Also sued in Tacoma Federal Court are D.A. Davidson & Co., David K. Johnson, Mark Freeman, Richard N. Christopherson, Brett T. Green, James H. Lamb, Brian B. McLellan, Dean Reynolds, Donald H. Tucker, Louis J. Weir, and Larry C. Westfall.
     Shareholders accuse MSC Industrial Direct of wrongfully backdating stock options for its big shots. Also sued in Brooklyn Federal Court are James Schroeder, Shelley Boxer, Barbara Schwartz, David Sandler, Steven Tudor, Melvin Redman, Charles Moyer, Ross Anker, Charles Boehlke, Mitchell Jacobson, Roger Fradin, Denis Kelly, Raymond Langton, and Philip Peller.
     Shareholders sued BP America President Robert Malone and CEO John Browne in Los Angeles Federal Court, claiming they inflated the price of BP PLC securities through false and misleading statements.

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