Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders claim Sanofi-Aventis and its directors inflated share price through false and misleading statements. Also sued in Manhattan Federal Court are Jean-Francois Dehecq, Gerard Le Fur, Hanspeter Spek, Marc Cluzel, and Jean-Pierre Lehner.

     E*Trade Financial Corp. directors wasted corporate assets to unjustly enrich themselves, shareholders claim. Also sued in New York County Court are Mitchell Caplan, R Jarrett Lilien, Robert Simmons, George Hayter, Darl Brewster, Ronald Fisher, Michael Parks, Cathleen Raffaeli, Lewise Randall, Donna Weaver, and Steven Willard.
     FX Energy and its directors inflated share price by exaggerating its oil and gas reserves, shareholders claim in Salt Lake City Federal Court. They also sue David N. Pierce, Clay Newton, Thomas B. Lovejoy, Andrew W. Pierce, and Richard Hardman.
     Joshua Wertheim and Steven Grossman diverted and misappropriated money from EIM International, shareholders claim in a derivative lawsuit in New York County Court.

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