Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders claim Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. propped up its share price, for a while, through false and misleading statement.

     Shareholders say directors of Respironics are selling the company too cheaply to Koninklijke Phillips – for $66 per share, or $5.1 billion. Also sued in Delaware Chancery Court are Gerald McGinnis, Joseph Lawyer, Candace Littel, Terry Dewberry, Douglas Cotter, James Liken, Donald Jones, Sean McDonald, John Miles, Mylle Mangum, Craig Reynolds, John Milcot, Philips Holding USA Inc., and Moonlight Merger Sub Inc.
     Shareholders say Frozen Food Express Industries breached its duties by awarding wasteful and lucrative leasing contracts to the company’s CEO and his family and its former COO. Also sued in Dallas County Court are CEO Stoney Stubbs, S. Russell Stubbs, Brian Blackmarr, W. Mike Baggett, Thomas Yetter, Leroy Hallman, T. Michael O’Connor, Jerry Armstrong, F. Dixon McElvee, Charles Robertson, Edgar Weller, Gary Pruden, Barrett Clark, Burl Cott, and W. Grogan Lord.

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