Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders accuse Washington Mutual Bank and its directors of breach of fiduciary duty by the bank’s “vast exposure in its sub-prime portfolio and unlawful appraisal practices.
Sued with WaMu in Seattle Federal Court are Kerry K. Killinger, Stephen E. Frank, Charles M. Lillis, Regina T. Montoya, Margaret Osmer-McQuade, William G. Reed Jr., James H. Stever, Anne V. Farrell, Thomas C. Leppert, Phillip D. Matthews, Michael K. Murphy, Mary E. Pugh, Orin C. Smith, First American Corp., and Eappraisalit Inc.
     Shareholders claim United Rentals and its directors manipulated the stock price. Also sued in Bridgeport, Conn., Federal Court are Wayland R. Hicks, Martin E. Welch, Michael J. Kneeland, Roger E. Schwed, Brian D. McAuley, Gerald Tsai Jr., Michael S. Gross, Leon D. Black, Howard L. Clark Jr., Singleton McAllister, John S. McKinney, Jenne K. Britelli, Keith Wimbush and Jason D. Papastavrou.

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