Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders ask Delaware Chancery Court to enjoin Vivendi‘s proposed buyout of Activision for lack of information about the deal in Activision’s proxy statement.
Also sued in Delaware Chancery Court are Robert Corti, Ronald Doornink, Barbara Isgur, Robert Kotick, Brian Kelly, Robert Morgado, Peter Nolan, Richard Sarnoff, VGAC LLC, Vivendi Games, and Sego Merger Corp.
     Shareholders sued IAC/Interactive Corp. in Delaware Chancery Court, demanding that its plan to spin off four divisions keep the single class of stock and the two-tiered “high-vote/low-vote” equity structure that the company has in place as a single business unit. Also sued are William Berkman, Barry Diller, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Victor Kaufman, Arthur Martinez, Steven Rattner, Alan Spoon, Diane Von Furstenberg, Keough Lourd, John Malone, Norman Schwarzkopf, and Liberty Media Corp.
     Orion Energy Systems inflated share price through false and misleading statements in its IPO registration statement and prospectus, shareholders claim in Manhattan Federal Court. They also sued Neal Verfuerth, Daniel Waibel, Thomas Quadracci, Michael Potts, Diana de Callejon, James Cackley, Eckhart Grohmann, Patrick Trotter, Thomas Weisel Partners, Canaccord Adams Inc., and Pacific Growth Equities.

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