Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders claim Opnext, Harry Bosco and Robert Nobile cheated them by misrepresentations in the registration statement and prospectus for Opnext’s IPO, in Trenton Federal Court.

     Shareholders accuse directors of Extreme Networks of fraudulently backdating stock option grants. Also sued in San Jose Federal Court are Gordon Stitt, W. Michael West, William Slakey, Michael Palu, Alexander Gray, Herb Schneider, Frank Carlucci, Stephen Haddock, Alicia Moore, Harry Silverglide, Robert Corey, Kenneth Levy, Charles Carinalli, Peter Wolken, Harold Covert, Vito Palermo, June Hull, Promod Haque, Lawrence Orr, Steven Fukuda, Bassam Halabi, Allan Miller, Christopher Todd, and Darrell Scherbarth.

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