Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders accuse Emerson Radio and its directors of self-dealing and breaches of duty in selling 58% of the company to Grande Holdings Ltd., in Delaware chancery Court.

     Shareholders accuse American Express and its directors of costing them $65 million in penalties for laundering drug money, in New York County Court.
     Shareholders accuse directors of Nara Bancorp of inside trading and waste of corporate assets, in Los Angles Superior Court.
     Shareholders claim Robert Baskind is reorganizing Tilden Associates by transferring all its assets to another company he owns, for no consideration, in Delaware Chancery Court.
     Shareholders claim Falcon Strategies Two made false and misleading statements in a tender offer involving co-defendants Amacar GP, Citigroup Alternative Investments LLC, Citigroup, and Reaz Islam, in Manhattan Federal Court.

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