Shareholder Class Action

     Shareholders accuse Nextran Group of securities violations, in Newark Federal Court. Nextran sells and operates ATM machines.

     The Vanguard Group and others unlawfully invested money entrusted to them in illegal gambling businesses that tanked when their operators were arrested in 2006, according to a class action derivative complaint in Manhattan Federal Court. Here are the defendants: The Vanguard Group, Acadian Asset Management, AllianceBernstein, Marathon Asset Management, George Sauter, Duane Kelly, John Brennan, Charles Ellis, Rajiv Gupta, Amy Gutmann, JoAnn Heisen, Andre Perold, Alfred Rankin, Jr., J. Lawrence Wilson, Ronald Frashure, John Chisholm, Brian Wolahan, Henry D’Auria, Sharon Fay, Kevin Simms, William Arah, Jeremy Hosking, Neil Ostrer, Vanguard International Equity Index Funds dba Vanguard European Stock Index Fund (nominal defendant), and Vanguard Horizon Funds dba Vanguard Global Equity Fund (nominal defendant).

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