Shareholder Class Action

     Insilco Technologies shareholders claim that “conflicted insiders” DLJ Merchant Banking, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette nka Credit Suisse and others unjustly profited by selling corporate assets at grossly inadequate prices, in Delaware Chancery Court.

     Here are the defendants in the Insilco claim: DLJ Merchant Banking Inc.; DLJ Merchant Banking Partners LP; Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Inc.; Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Inc., nka Credit Suisse (USA) Inc.; DLJ Capital Funding Inc., nka Credit Suisse Capital Funding Inc.; MBP II Plan Investors LP; DLJ Offshore Partners II C.V.; DLJ Millennium Partners-A LP; DLJ Millennium Partners LP; DLJ ESC II LP; DLJ EAB Partners LP; DLJ Merchant Banking Partners II-A LP; DLJ Merchant Partners II LP; DLJ Diversified Partners LP; DLJ Diversified Partners-A LP; William Dawson Jr.; Thompson Dean; John Fort III; George Peinado; Keith Palumbo; Randall Curran; David Howe; James Ashton; and McDonald Investments Inc.
     Align Technology, which makes “Invisalign” orthodonture equipment, sold securities through false and misleading statements, shareholders say in San Francisco Federal Court.

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