Shared Classified Info Needs More Security

     WASHINGTON (CN) – President Obama has ordered the creation of a Senior Information Sharing and Safeguarding Steering Committee to deploy a government-wide effort to ensure the security of classified information on government computer networks.
     The steering committee must report to the president within 90 days, and at least yearly from now on, with an assessment of the executive branch’s “successes and shortcoming in sharing and safeguarding classified information on computer networks.”
     After issuing its initial report, the committee is charged with developing standards and policies to be implemented by each agency to securely share information on computer networks, through a designated senior officer.
     The president’s order also creates a permanent Classified Information Sharing and Safeguarding Office to support the steering committee and to act as permanent liaison between the all agencies of the government.
     A separate Insider Threat Task Force also has been created, to be co-chaired by the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence, to deter, detect and mitigate threats to classified information from within the government.

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