Sexual Perverts

     What the beheadings of three reporters in the Middle East prove, if they prove anything, is that the Muslim murderers who did it are sexual perverts.
     I don’t have to explain this to you.
     I won’t mention the organization’s name, because that’s what the little perverts want me to do.
     Sigmund Freud’s complete works are available online.
     The Muslim perverts can read them there, if they can read.
     If their imam will let them.
     Not that we don’t have sexually perverted religious fanatics in our own country.
     Of course we do.
     Here they tend to be Christians.
     Over there, they’re Muslims.
     In Israel they’re Jews.
     Same deal.
     Filming a murder, and broadcasting it all over the world, is an act of sexual perversion.
     Bulldozing a house in the West Bank, because one of the family’s children fought back, is an act of sexual perversion.
     Shooting a doctor in the United States because he performs abortions is an act of sexual perversion.
     The Muslim religion today is the most sexually perverted of our three so-called “great” monotheisms – Islam, Christianity and Judaism – though all of them are sexually perverted.
     Christian priests have the good grace to sexually molest children instead of killing them.
     Israel tortures and kills people and knocks their houses down. But Israel has the decency to try to hide its crimes.
     Muslims today brag about their perversions. They put their perversions and murder online.
     The only difference between the Muslim cowards who murder entire villages, and the Christian cowards who murder doctors, and the Israelis who murder Palestinian children, are that the Muslims post the video.
     And brag about it.
     The New York Times published an editorial last week about the Muslim perverts.
     The Times didn’t say it that way, of course.
     The Times said that Islam is “one of the world’s great religions.”
     I suppose that’s true.
     But look at it.
     Look at all of them.
     There is nothing great about a religion whose members slaughter other people wholesale because of the way the believers think the other people think. Or ought to think. Or ought to be prohibited from thinking.
     We all know why the Times did it, of course: to appeal to as many people as possible.
     But religious warfare has been killing people for thousands of years.
     It’s killing people today.
     If you calculate the numbers of people actually killed, against the numbers of people putatively saved by religion, I don’t see how you can say we have any great religions.
     Not the way they’re carried on today, nor the way they’ve been carried on for thousands of years.
     Though to tell you the truth, as a heterosexual atheist Jew, I love Pope Francis.

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