Sexual Harassment Employment Claim|Is Straight Out Of Freudian Textbook

     ALLENTOWN, PA. (CN) – In a complaint straight out of Freud, a woman claims Lancaster County fired her for complaining that a co-worker “chased (her) while masturbating,” exposed himself to her in “weekly masturbation sessions” that included “masturbating and moaning while standing beside Plaintiff and calling out her name,” and that he “would frequently mention the many weapons he had.”

     The woman claims Lancaster County employee Steven Weiss subjected her to this treatment for months while they both worked at the Lancaster County-Wide Communications Department. She claims bosses blew off her complaints of Weiss’s sexual harassment, and that Weiss continued to harass her and masturbate in her presence after she came back from a leave during which she sought treatment for distress caused by exposure to his serial masturbation.
     She demands lost wages and punitive damages in Federal Court. She is represented by Sharon Lopez of Lancaster

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