Sexual Abuse Alleged at Church School

     (CN) – A teen-ager claims that her history teacher at the Episcopal School of Dallas sexually abused her for 7 months, and when the man admitted it, the school allowed him to resign, with no further repercussions, then forced her to withdraw or be expelled.

     The Doe family plaintiffs claim in Dallas County Court that J. Nathan Campbell, who was married to another Episcopal employee at the time, sent more than 3,800 messages, including pornography, to the girl from school-issued computers and a cell phone “during the seven-month period during which Campbell assaulted [her].”
     The girl had attended the Episcopal School since kindergarten. Her parents say that in spring of 2009, Campbell, her 10th grade world history teacher, began to prey on her by making “inappropriate comments to [her], informing her that she was special, [and] the only attractive student in his classes …”
     Campbell also called her from his cell phone and contacted her through email, according to the complaint.
     “Campbell would send obscene emails, instant messages and pornographic text messages from ESD computers and an ESD-issued cell phone. In fact, Campbell’s school-owned computer reflects over 3,800 messages or attempted messages between Campbell and [the student] during the seven-month period during which Campbell assaulted [her],” the complaint states.
     The family says Campbell sexually assaulted the girl after inviting her to his home, and took her to hotels to have sex. They claim he repeatedly told her that he would leave his wife for her, and eventually became jealous and violent.
     The affair was discovered, the parents say, when Campbell asked the girl to meet him in a parking lot, where they were found by police, who sent the girl home to tell her parents what was going on. Campbell called her on the way home and persuaded her to lie, according to the complaint.
     When police contacted the school, Campbell resigned “after explaining he had an inappropriate relationship with a student,” the family says. They say school officials then told the girl’s father that he could withdraw his daughter from school voluntarily or she would be expelled, which would be reflected on her permanent record. The girl’s father says he signed the withdrawal form “under duress.”
     The family demands punitive damages from the school for assault, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and emotional distress. Campbell is not named as a defendant.
     The family is represented by Charla Aldous.

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