‘S’enough, Says S’morestix Maker

      NEW HAVEN (CN) – This LLC claims Grand Carnival Manufacturing violates trademark on a kit to cook ‘smores over a campfire. This sells Smorestix in a Smorepak, and now Grand Carnival is selling a S’morestick Kit.

     This says it trademarked its Smorestix to help “families and campers enjoy the outdoors in a safe, easy and ecologically friendly way. It points out that “very often, sticks are scarce, dirty, too short, in a patch of poison ivy, or in a thorny briar patch.”
     Not to worry, if you’ve got Smorestix and a Smorepak, This says. Its kits contain all you need to cook “marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker sandwiches more affectionately known as s’mores, along with printed instructions.”
     Now, says This, Grand Carnival has the brass to offer a S’morestik Kit, which competes unfairly by copying This’s trademarks, products and packaging.
     ‘S’enough, says This. It demands an injunction, delivery of the infringing goods, $1 million in actual damages, plus punitive damages.
     This is represented by Todd Sharinn with Harris Beach of New York, N.Y.

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