Sen. Craig Loses Appeal |in ‘Wide Stance’ Case

     MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected Idaho Sen. Larry Craig’s attempt to withdraw his guilty plea in a gay sex sting in an airport bathroom. Craig pleaded guilty in August 2007 to disorderly conduct but tried to withdraw the plea after the incident became public knowledge.

     The Hennepin County District Court denied Craig’s attempted plea withdrawal in October 2007. The Court of Appeals affirmed on Tuesday, in an unpublished opinion.
     Craig, a right-wing Republican in a conservative state, will be replaced in the Senate at Jim Risch, also a Republican, who was elected last month.Craig added a new phrase to the popular lexicon in defending himself to the media after the allegations became public. The senator said he had not nudged the foot of the undercover officer in the bathroom stall next to him. Craig said he “took a wide stance” in the bathroom

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