Security, We Have a Problem

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CN) – A single woman in the city says she bought a condo because it offered round-the-clock security. But she says the condo’s tuxedo-clad security officers were unlicensed, untrained and improperly vetted, and after one guard broke into an apartment and stole Christmas presents, a guard broke into her place and tried to rape her.

     Ghada Anis sued The View, The View Real Estate Co., The View Property Management, The View Homeowners Association Security, their agent Wayne Reeder and her alleged assailant, security officer Richard Turner, in Jackson County Court.
     Anis says that though The View required its security officers to wear tuxedos, it did not do background checks on them, did not require that they have state-mandated licensing and training, but gave them special keys so they could get into all the condo units.
     In December of 2005, “one of the on-site security personnel used his key to illegally enter a resident’s unit and steal Christmas gifts,” Anis says.
     “The stolen Christmas gifts were never recovered, instead, upon information and belief, Defendant Wayne Reeder issued a personal check to cover the cost of the gifts.”
     On Nov. 3, 2007, she claims, security guard Mark Finley used his key to enter her condo at 3 a.m., where he “assaulted and battered plaintiff, and attempted to rape plaintiff.”
     Anis says The View hired Finley and gave him a passkey even though he “had a criminal history which included an arrest for assaulting a female.”
     Anis seeks punitive damages for negligent hiring, fraud and negligent representation. She is represented by Daniel Thomas with Humphrey, Farrington & McClain of Independence.

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