Security Team of the Year

     AUSTIN (CN) – After loitering in a garage for 5 hours in front of 17 security cameras, a man beat a woman with a rock, and when a good Samaritan told a Securitas guard the attacker was still in the garage, he said, “Well, what do you want me to do about it?” the victim claims in court.
     Kathy McWilliams sued Securitas Security Services USA and Billy G. Faircloth, in Travis County Court. McWilliams says that Faircloth, her attacker, is in jail.
     McWilliams, a legal assistant, say Faircloth “repeatedly and violently smash(ed) the back of (her) head with a rock” during lunch hour on Feb. 15, 2011, in a downtown parking garage.
     She screamed and kicked until he ran away. Other tenants of the building “frantically pushed the security alarm call button,” to no avail, McWilliams said.
     One woman took an elevator to the main lobby and asked the Securitas supervisor for help “but he refused,” McWilliams said.
     The good Samaritan then found another Securitas guard “and forcibly dragged him onto the elevator and down to level P5. On arrival, another tenant who was assisting plaintiff informed the security guard that the attacker was still in the garage, to which the security guard allegedly replied, ‘Well, what do you want me to do it?'”
     The good Samaritan call 911, and police arrested Faircloth, “who is now incarcerated,” according to the complaint.
     McWilliams says Securitas has more than 20 security cameras throughout the garage, displaying live footage, and that they show that Faircloth hung around in the garage for 5 hours before he attacked her, “peering and ducking behind and around corners; pretending to talk on a cell phone for hours as he walked from floor to floor; standing outside the security office …
     “In all, defendant Faircloth can be seen on 17 different cameras over the course of 5 hours, moving from parking level to parking level, acting suspiciously, in search of a victim.”
     McWilliams seeks more than $5 million in damages for injuries, medical expenses, disfigurement, pain and suffering, negligence and failure to train.
     She is represented by John Rubin.

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