Security Firm Sued In School Killings

     MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – A firm that held a contract for violence prevention in Minnesota public schools has been sued by the victims of a shooting at Red Lake High School in 2005, a gun rampage that killed six and wounded four, most of them residents of the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

    MacNeil Environmental had a contract with Minnesota public schools for violence prevention and emergency evacuation programs. Two other lawsuits against MacNeil, also in Hennepin County Court, also were filed Thursday on behalf of another child and others who were injured.
     The suits state: “On March 21, 2005, Jeffrey Weist, a student at the Red Lake High School, entered the school with loaded firearms and attacked Plaintiffs, as well as other students, teachers, administrators, and service employees. During the attack, students, teachers, administrators, and other employees lacked the knowledge and training to properly exit from the school.”

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