Second Woman Relates Racist|& Sexist Tales of Donald Sterling

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A woman who says she was Donald Sterling’s lover and employee for years claims in court that the former Clippers owner fired her to retaliate for her objecting to his “racially and sexually offensive comments,” then offered her $10,000 a month for a job that included sexual services.
     Maiko Maya King sued Donald T. Sterling and the Donald T. Sterling Corp. in Superior Court.
     Represented by Gloria Allred, King alleges discrimination, racially hostile environment, sexual harassment, retaliation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     King’s 15-page lawsuit recapitulates allegations of racially offensive comments Sterling made in a recorded phone call, which got him banned for life from the NBA, and forced him to sell his team.
     In the lawsuit, King claims that when she met Sterling in 2005 she was married, with two children. “Mr. Sterling encouraged her to leave her husband and to work for him,” the complaint states. “From 2005 until 2011 Ms. King was in a romantic relationship with Mr. Sterling. He supported her financially and she worked for him and his foundation.
     “However, Ms. King and Mr. Sterling often argued about his racist views.
     “He made comments about her former husband (and the father of her children) who was African American. He asked her: ‘How could you be married to a black man?’ and, referring to the children she loved: ‘Why would you bring black people into the world?’ Referring to his relationship with Ms. King, he said: ‘I want to take you out of the black world and put you into the white world.’ When he was angry with her, he told her she should ‘move back to the ghetto with a black man.’
     “Mr. Sterling’s views on African Americans were offensive to Ms. King, and she told him so. Her resistance to Mr. Sterling’s racist views contributed to the breakup of their personal relationship in 2011.”
     King claims that they kept in touch by telephone, and that in December 2013 “Sterling said that what he really needed from the plaintiff was for her to be his personal assistant/caretaker. … He said that if she agreed that he would pay her $10,000 a month and that if she proved her loyalty to him that at the end of the year be would give her a $100,000 bonus so that she could pay off her various debts and obligations that she had accumulated. He also told her that he would provide her with a house and an automobile.”
     King claims that during these discussions, Sterling introduced her to “V.” She claims that she “learned that ‘V’ was his girlfriend and he would, therefore, presumably not pursue another sexual relationship with plaintiff.”
     So, she says, she accepted the job, in December 2013. She says she accompanied him to doctor appointments, made sure he took his medicine on time, took walks with him, “encouraged him to lose weight and to stop drinking and accompanied him to business meetings.”
     The complaint then becomes frankly lurid: “However, contrary to his agreement to pay her $10,000 a month, Mr. Sterling dangled money only if she would have sex with him.
     “He confided in her he had difficulty having sexual relations and that he was bored with V. He told her that he would give her bonuses if she could help him to perform sexually.
     “He insisted that she get into bed with him and attempt to arouse him sexually and would get angry with her when he could not become aroused.
     “He insisted that she tell him stories about her past sexual experiences with other men in an attempt to arouse him.
     “He asked her to bring others to his bedroom and for her to perform sexual acts with them to arouse him. She refused.
     “He asked her to engage in a variety of sexual acts which she found degrading. She refused.
     “When she refused to engage in the sexual acts that he wanted her to engage in, Mr. Sterling retaliated by withholding her wages.”
     Among her other complaints are that Sterling “continually stated that he would give her a $25,000 bonus if she could ‘get him off.'”
     She claims that when she accompanied Sterling to a pharmacy “to buy pills to enhance his sexual performance,” he told that that the pills were too expensive, and he would get samples from his doctor.
     “The plaintiff found it offensive that he would lay out naked by the pool or in bed trying to masturbate all day long while talking to her in a vile and disgusting manner as to all the things that he wanted to do to her sexually,” the lawsuit states.
     “When Mr. Sterling was angry with the plaintiff because she refused to do what he wanted her to do he would say that V would do it. The plaintiff’s response was ‘get V.'”
     The complaint then lists a number of racially offensive comments Sterling allegedly made, such as: “Black people do not take care of their children. All they do is sit at home and smoke dope.”
     She claims that when she “brought an African American friend to a Clippers game, Mr. Sterling asked her, ‘Don’t you have white friends?'”
     King claims that she continued to protest against Sterling’s racist comments, and he retaliated by firing her on May 7.
     She seeks punitive damages.

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