Second Jet Pack Sighted Buzzing Over LAX

The LAX sign at the Century Boulevard entrance to Los Angeles International Airport. (Florencio Briones via Wikipedia)

LOS ANGELES (CN) — A month after a commercial airline pilot reported a person buzzing around in a jet pack, another pilot has their own incredible story to tell — a possible new jet pack sighting was reported Wednesday.

About seven miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport, a China Airlines crew reported “what appeared to be someone in a jet pack” about 6,000 feet above the ground Wednesday, according to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson.

The crew reported the sighting at 1:45 p.m. No other information was made available.

FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller with the bureau’s LA office said the agency is aware of the report and working with the FAA.

The China Airlines crew will be able to swap their story with an American Airlines pilot who was landing at LAX last month and reported to air traffic control, “We just passed a guy in a jet pack.”

That jet pack incident — during which the jet pack pilot buzzed right by the airliner — was reported at roughly 3,000 feet.

A Southwest Airlines pilot also reported passing the same jet pack rider around the same time near the runway.

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